Custom built period staircase.

This staircase was furnished with wainscotting.


New cabinets and staircases are often required to accomodate usage changes in period homes. These changes need not compromise the overall integrity of the original historic structure. Whether building new period style cabinets and stair systems or restoring existing work, our intent is the same: to produce credible work of one piece with the surrounding historic fabric. Faithful and accurate restoration, reproduction or recreation of period moldings and millwork is critical to architectural restoration and the construction of authentic period reproduction buildings. Traditional Builders, Inc. uses antique moulding and hand planes to bring a hand-crafted finish to our work, both newly milled or carefully restored. Cabinetry and stairways often comprise large new installations, and we are keenly aware of the elements necessary to maintain balance between the requirements of current use and the original identity of the structure. Clients have come to trust us with the architectural details that express a building's character. We look forward to talking to you about your needs for authentic, hand-crafted cabinets and stairs for any architectural style or period.

Traditional Builders, Inc. offers full general contracting services to owners and architects who share our commitment to this rich architectural heritage. Working in the Maryland area exclusively, we help clients to preserve the distinctive historic buildings of the region, and to produce new buildings that faithfully continue this architectural tradition. We take pride in every project, as do all of our subcontractors and suppliers.

Clients appreciate the close personal attention we give to every project. Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and can administer all permitting and Historic District Commission review issues. Contact us by  email or call our office at  (410) 991-1834, or fax us at  (410) 263-5586.

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