Traditional Builders, Inc. are also timber framers, specializing in producing new timber frames for new buildings or additions in an authentic period style. We use the same materials, joinery and attention to detail that the original period framers used, resulting in work that has the detail and authentic feel of the original. We pride ourselves on a thorough knowledge of our regional building traditions, so our buildings fit into the landscape as comfortably and harmoniously as an original historic structure.

Not coincidentally, Traditional Builders, Inc. offers complete restoration and repair services for period log homes and for the timber frames found in most historic structures. Working intimately with existing structural frames has given us the insight required to produce credible new work in period styles. We offer full general contracting services, including erection of frames, site work and all restoration and finishes. Working in the Maryland area exclusively, we help clients to preserve the distinctive historic buildings of the region, and to produce new buildings that faithfully continue this architectural tradition. Whether your project is new or original, we look forward to talking to you about producing a period timber frame.  

Clients appreciate the close personal attention we give to every project. Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured and can administer all permitting and Historic District Commission review issues. Contact us by  email or call our office at  (410) 991-1834, or fax us at  (410) 263-5586.